Work Smarter

Three top tips to work smarter and make your business more efficient.

1) Plan

Take half an hour at the start of the day. Write down all tasks and prioritise them. This keeps you focused for the day. You could use a simple task manager like Wunderlist, or a simple list on Word or Excel or just pen and paper.

2) Avoid meetings

Before you agree to a meeting, ask yourself if it’s really necessary to have one or whether it’s essential for you to attend. If you don’t think it will achieve much, Sometimes a five-minute phone call can be more productive than an hour long meeting.

3) Outsource

How much of your time is devoted to servicing customers, looking for new customers and taking advantage of business opportunities? Compare this with how much time you spend on general administrative tasks that eat into your time! It’s a lot of time on admin, right?

You can outsource a lot of these tasks to a virtual assistant.

Suggestion: There are lots of VAs out there, when you find one you like the look of, test drive your chosen VA with a couple of small jobs to see how they go.