Value to Clients

One of my first clients, a small business owner was ecstatic to own a business that was doing well. However, as the business grew she felt more overwhelmed by it. The administrative burdens of running a business meant she never left work on time, felt exhausted and spent less time with her partner which put strain on their relationship.

She felt frustrated because she wanted to be able to spend time talking to customers about her passion, without the dreaded feeling that she wouldn’t get everything done by the end of the day.

Having to stop to do the necessary, admin sometimes meant she couldn’t answer the phones and customers were being lost. There was never enough time to focus on developing new ranges.

Once I began taking away some of the admin she felt like a weight had been lifted. She was able to chat to her customers and not have to feel guilty about hurrying off the phone to deal with all the orders that had been building up.

Now, business is booming! New ranges have been added and she’s giving her customers great customer service again. She feels back in control and happy to be a business owner again. She leaves the office at a reasonable hour has dinner with her husband and even has time to fit in an extra walk for the dog!