New client, new carpets!

I started 2017 off with a new super duper planner. It was £45 and gorgeous! I spent time writing my goals, short and long term plans and filling up the days with the regular routine things. Pink for my daughter’s activities, blue for my son’s. (Gender Sereotyping. – sorry!) I was well into my planner! I bought some new highlighters that you can remove with friction, I was in my oil-tot!

Then suddenly, I found myself half way through the year, not using my £45 planner and not reaching any of my goals! I realised I’d been plodding on, getting on with business and lost sight of my plans. I felt so deflated.

A coach and mentor gave me a talking to and got me back on track, I spent my summer listening to webinars whilst chilling round the pool. I was getting my mojo back.

In October ‘17 a friend mentioned her company needed some admin support. I was also introduced to other prospective clients through social media, things were moving. Persistence paid off.

When I looked back through my 2017 goals I saw ‘get some new clients on a rate that I am worth’ and ‘get a new living room carpet’. And guess what? I got them both!

It pays to write your goals down!

How are your goals going so far for 2018? Half way through the year and time for a review!