Do You Work From Your Own Office

People often ask me how being a VA works and, if I work from my own office. Yes, I have a designated office at home. It’s great to be able to shut myself in there when I need some peace and quiet.

Being virtual is perfect for clients that need a bit of help but can’t accommodate me in their own workspace with space and computers.

I also have clients that can accommodate me. There is one literally a few minutes down the road, so I often do his work from his office. This is nice because it gets me out and about and I feel part of the team.

On Friday of this week, I worked from a client’s office in Birmingham city centre. This was very exciting as I don’t go to the city often. It was such a buzz walking through the streets of tall historical buildings, seeing the workers dashing here and there to get to their place of work and all the many wonderful places to eat along the way. My client is on the 5th floor so the views over the city were amazing! It seemed worlds apart from my usual day. It was great to pop in and put names to faces and, again, feel part of the team. Not sure I could do that commute every day though. I think I’d soon tire of that.

On the whole, I can work from anywhere, I’m Virtual after all!