Gift Wrapping Services

When I was employed in my younger years, wrapping Christmas presents was a job that my boss would give to me every year.  Not only did she hate wrapping on a personal basis but neither did she have the time to wrap gifts for staff and important customers as well as run a business.

 If I’m totally honest, I wasn’t best thrilled at being given this job as an aspiring PA and HR Assistant but once I got started, I really enjoyed it and found it extremely thereaputic.  I would set myself little goals to wrap the next present even neater and faster than the one before.  This job became my little thing, which I was proud to do year in and year out.  Over the years, circumstances changed, time past us by and I became a Virtual Assistant.  Whilst busy concentrating on marketing my business and social networking I had a phone call….  I was absolutely thrilled when my ‘old’ boss made contact earlier this year and asked for my professional help in wrapping her personal gifts ready for this Christmas.  Yes, she is exceptionally organised… yes, she taught me everything I know!   In some way, being asked to wrap, made me feel young again.

 As a self employed Virtual Assistant, I’m always looking to offer businesses what they want and need and it suddenly dawned on me that not only corporate gift wrapping but also personal gift wrapping services were still in demand.

 So, if you are a local company or resident, that wants to make an old girl feel young again, give me your presents to wrap!  It would be a step back in time for me and save you hours!